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💗Hotel Sara / Gotanda


I would like to share one love hotel in Gotanda.

This hotel was Hotel Sunmarine before.

Sara is one of big love hotel group. Famous one is in Kinshicho.

Not big as Kinshicho one, but still have Sara taste in it.


・2 min walk from Gotanda station ( JR , Asakusa line, Tokyu Ikegami line) East exit


Each room has different style.

We chose this room↓


If you have already been to Sara Kinshicho one, you might feel unsatisfied.

However enough clean , variety of rooms and having a lot of fun options.

Since there is not so many love hotels on east side of Gotanda station ( and most of them are old😅), this hotel would be rare and comfortable hotel on this side.

Sometimes customers ask me which hotel or which location is my favorite.

Gotanda is one of my favorite area because many love hotels gather near the station and easy to find it.

We don’t need to worry about getting lost like in Shibuya, Shinjuku areas! lol

Please have considering for your future date♡

★You can see how we enjoyed it from these posts.↓

How we enjoyed it① @LH sara

How we enjoyed it② @LH sara

Hotel Sara / Gotanda

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